01 June 2011

Baking Day In Pictures

I spent part of Bank Holiday Monday doing some baking. It's something I do enjoy, but something I rarely do. Partly because of all the mess it creates (all the mess I create; I'm sure mess isn't essential) and partly because I know I'll have to end up eating all that sugar and fat. Well, I was inspired to make some biscuits with the chocolate mint plant I bought a few weeks ago. The leaves really do smell like Aero mint chocolate! I made lavender biscuits and cake last year and thought I'd just replace the lavender with the choc mint leaves. Well, then I got to thinking I might as well make a cake too, if I'm going to be creating all that mess anyway!

The biscuits didn't quite turn out as planned - they were more like weird cake-biscuit hybrids, but they were yummy. I made half with chocolate mint (with extra chocolate chips) and half with lavender. All this activity gave me a chance to try out the 'food' scene program on my new camera, so here is my afternoon in pictures:

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