05 October 2015

Low Carb....2 weeks in

My HabitBull app encouragingly reminded me yesterday that I've completed 14 days in a row! The question is, does it feel like it? The first time I avoided carbs I had lost a few pounds by this point and looked and felt much better. This time I am still pretty tired and can only feel a slight difference in my general self (which I might even be imagining). After all I read about diets (sorry, lifestyle changes) being harder after the first attempt, I am not feeling too disheartened (yet). I did also have some fries one day on a meal out, and a packet of crisps another. The crisps were definitely damage limitation as I was incessantly thinking about chocolate, cake and biscuits ALL day. Considering how much worse it could have been I think 11g of carbs on a packet of Salt n Vinegar was an achievement not a failure.


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