08 September 2014

Saying hello in 2014!

It's been a while. Getting on for a year in fact, so I've got quite a few things to fill you in on. I hadn't been keeping up with any photo projects or even posting to Flickr, but a couple of weeks ago (on a quiet day at work) I decided to join Instagram. I know, I'm late to the party. I'm still not that enamoured with it, but it has provided me with that all important nudge back to creativity. For most of 2014 I've only taken photos while I'm been somewhere interesting, so I haven't been creating my own props or setups at all. I've been really busy going to music and things, and told myself I didn't have time for photos. Perhaps I just needed some time off. Well, now I'm back and starting to feel inspired again.

This month I am doing a "30 days, one object" project again. This time the lucky prop is a little chair. 7 days down and 23 to go. It's going to prove to be a tricky one near the end. If you'd like to follow my project and see my other shots on Instagram you can find me as @camerawillfly

I'll add some updates, lists and, of course, lots of photos, in the coming weeks. I hope to see and interact with many of you on here again very soon!

Claire x

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