07 March 2013

Things I Love Thursday

I really need to get back on here more so I am going to try a trusted blog favourite with Things I Love Thursday. As I wrote last week, things are pretty rubbish at the moment as I don't have a job. Job hunting is not the most rewarding activity, as most of the time you don't even hear back after applying. Still, I know I will find something eventually. I've been making sure I do some productive (and fun) activities too, and I've been taking loads of photos. I'm hoping this blog feature will highlight all the positive things in the world!

☼ The return of The Vampire Diaries on ITV2. Yes, it is a guilty pleasure of mine. But is is genuinely a pretty good show. It has a great character in Damon, who can be incredibly evil yet strangely likeable anyway, and some strong female characters as witches and vampires too. Well worth watching.

☼ Managing to run 5K again on my treadmill without stopping or walking. I have kind of had an exercise hiatus of late, but I'm determined to make that change. I was worried that I'd never be able to run (well, jog) again, but I've managed relatively easily to get going again. Yay.

☼ The Pocket Budget app on Android. Having no money is a really depressing thing, and the little money I do have seems to just disappear. Well, I'm hoping this app will help me track and manage my miserable little budget. You just add your income and expenses for an easy way to watch the pennies. No gimmicks.

☼ Photographing my mum's old vintage toys. I've loved having the chance to photograph some real vintage toys, and it seems other people have enjoyed seeing them in my Flickr shots too. Happiness all round!

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