15 January 2013

Tuesday Tunes - the return!

I've really been getting back into music this last year, so I want to continue my Tuesday Tunes and share all my favourites and any new discoveries. Today's song comes from the album 'Seven Rainbows' by Alice Gold. It had been on my Amazon wishlist for some time, and I finally took the plunge. And yes, I did buy the actual CD. There is just something so much more satisfying about finding a good new album if you actually have it in your hands. I don't buy all my music on CD by any means, but after my '30 before 30' project when I made an effort to discover new music on CD every month, I do buy them when I'm pretty sure I'll love them! This one even had the lyrics printed in the sleeve (sorry to everyone who hears me singing along). And now, on to the music............

I've only listened to the album once through, but it really is pretty good. Reminds me a bit of Bat for Lashes, Marina and the Diamonds and The Pierces. Well worth a listen if you like this sort of thing. And, apparently, she lives on a narrowboat!

Runaway Love by Alice Gold

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