03 July 2012

Dukan Update

I'm now on Phase 2 of the good old Dukan diet. I lost 5lbs after 5 days of Phase 1 so I'm definitely carrying on, even if it does mean eating more of those bizarre 'meals'. A chicken breast alone on a plate still does not constitute a meal, but hey. So, Phase 2 means I'm alternating the proteins only with protein + vegetable days. At last, some greenery. Never has a cucumber tasted so damn good. I wasn't going to try on the dreaded jeans for a few weeks but I lapsed - they still don't fit. I think exercise has to be stepped up tomorrow - perhaps 3 miles on the treadmill to start off with. 

Another bonus is that I worked out (by experimenting) how to make a kind of curry for the protein only days, and it turned out pretty damn good! I'm easily impressed by my cooking skills, as they are somewhat limited generally.

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