06 August 2011

Teacup 30 - Day 1

I decided to start a new little project today - a Teacup 30 - 30 days of photos of 1 object. I bought this cute little miniature teacup on Etsy a while back and have been planning to do some fun shots of tea in different places so here is the perfect opportunity.

Day 1 is on the beach.


Deborah Cardinal said...

That's such a cute idea - love this shot! :)

Fur Will Fly said...

Thanks Deb, I'm getting quite into the idea of photographing miniature things like dollhouse furniture and childrens things - they look either really odd or really cute in full size situations!
Was wondering where you were - not noticed any pics from you lately. Hope you're OK!

Deborah Cardinal said...

I think miniature things like this can make adorable pictures :) I really love this series - makes me smile!

I'm OK thanku, I am still photographing Melvin but haven't got around to editing them yet - struggling with job-hunting stress at the mo, but hopefully things will get less stressful soon. I'm going away to Wales for a few days next week so that should help :)

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