11 May 2011

Raining Umbrellas - Serendipity, Fashion and Originality

In the first week of the Raining Umbrellas e-course I'm taking we were given 3 separate word prompts to draw, paint or photograph our own interpretations of - serendipity, fashion and originality. Since photography seems to have taken over my creatiev world the last few weeks, I wanted to find some great images to illustrate these words, but ended up just finding 1 photo that showed all 3! 

It represents serendipity because it was a weird response by my camera that caused a very overexposed image to begin with, that ended up looking quite arty - sheer fluke! Fashion is obviously covered because of my top and parasol, and originality because of the effect used and the parasol!

1 comment:

Little Miss Joey said...

:D it's brilliant how you nailed all three words in one amazingly arty photo!
The photo is fabulous, by the way :)

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