15 June 2009

Tigsy's Pastimes 1 - Hiking

Tigsy loves to keep busy and he enjoys many different hobbies which he'd like to share with you in the coming weeks. He leads such an active life I think he puts most humans to shame!

One of his favourite activities is hiking, and he loves countryside or coastal walks best. He gets a little worried about being trampled in towns and cities because of his size so I end up having to carry him. The only real dangers in the countryside for him are dogs wandering about off their leads, although he does get nervous when he sees large birds of prey circling overhead!

Generally he doesn't go off unaccompanied, especially as he need someone to carry all his bits and bobs, but I was thinking of making him a rucksack soon so he can go off adventuring by himself sometimes!
More of Tigsy's pastimes coming soon..............

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