22 May 2009

Feature Creature......is back! Hurrah!

And this week it is the turn of..............

...................'I'm a Quitter'!

Here's someone who's quit the habit and proud of it! With a scrunched up cigarette in one hand, (a fabric one of course), and an 'I Quit' rosette in the other, this plushie is showing off her new healthy lungs!

She had been a smoker all her life, some 2 months, and it just all got too much for her one day when she was training for the annual plushie fun run, and couldn't even reach the other side of the room! It was no good, she just had to quit. Within a few weeks she was living completely smoke free and some of the other plushies made her a special rosette to show her how proud they were of her.

She would love to go to a non-smoking home, or to someone who is at least trying to kick the habit. She'll no doubt provide a lot of encouragement and share tips on how she managed to give up the cigarettes so that you can be a quitter too!

1 comment:

melissa said...

Hi Fur will fly

Thank you for making my turtle as a favorite. I am an old plush designer but new to the current movement. Would love to find out more.

Love your work!

bushy tailed turtle

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