06 January 2009

Feature Creature 5

The first lucky plushie of 2009 is...........

........................Audrey the Alli-Cat!

Audrey is part alligator, part cat and is a member of the Hybrids, a family of odd but lovable creatures.In the wild, alli-cats love freshwater environments, but Audrey much prefers a comfortable sofa and a TV. Still, she has been known to casually lurk around birdbaths and feeders. She is a stealthy hunter, capable of short bursts of speed to catch her prey (or rather the saucer of milk or cat food you hide for her).

Find Audrey in my shop!

1 comment:

Samaria Project said...

TAG!!!! you have been officially tagged by me! Check out the details on my blog.

p.s. such a cute new creature! I love its fur!

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